A Winning Diet

Sometimes we get emails from visitors who enjoyed reading one or other of our healthy diet articles who want to tell us of their experiences. This is really great because not only does it mean that we are helping in our own small way, but that there are real folks out there who are trying hard to beat the problems of being overweight by meeting them head on and doing something positive about them.

a winning dietOne reader who wrote in asked if we would publish her letter, because she was so impressed by the efforts of her younger brother who managed to lose weight and keep it off all by employing a positive mental attitude and taking action to beat his own problem with a diet that he stuck to all the way through. We have reproduced it below, but have kept the names out by request.

How to Win at Losing Weight

"It was around the end of September last year that my younger brother decided that the time was right to get himself back in shape. Being well over thirty pounds overweight was not sitting well on his smaller frame and being five feet six tall, he really looked fat and unhealthy. Looking at old photos of himself from ten years ago made him realize that he was slim and good looking back then and if he could be that way then, well he could be that way again now!

He wanted to do it in plenty of time before the festive season meant that if he ate any more he would probably never get back from it. So he joined the local gym to get himself fit again, while doing a review of the diet meal delivery company, Nutrisystem to see if it was the right diet to jumpstart his weight loss efforts. Well, it turned out to be the right decision for him because he really pulled out all the stops with Nutrisystem and the workout routines he was doing at the gym.

One month after getting started, he was already feeling great and had lost an amazing sixteen pounds. The difference in his size was really noticeable, not to mention he felt better and had way more energy. He persevered for another two months and in fact he beat his target.

By the time Christmas arrived he had lost thirty four pounds in weight and was looking and feeling amazing. He got out the old photos again and he looked as good now as he did back then. He felt way better than he did before he got started. Consequently, he was very well behaved over the festive period and continued to eat healthily and kept training. Well, almost six months have passed and he has maintained his great, slim figure and perfect body weight through eating right and working out every day and he really is in great shape!"

It really is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and are determined to succeed at what you plan to do. This guy proved that it can be done no matter how far down the road to obesity you have travelled, there is a way back if you are determined to find it.