Bistro MD

If you are looking at the kind of diet food delivery program that is capable of serving up gourmet chef prepared meals that are then frozen and delivered to your home in batches of five or seven days supply of three meals a day, then you might be interested in Bistro MD. This is a company that focuses on quality diet meals rather than cheaper, freeze dried and processed meals that come from other, less expensive diet companies.

Here we take a look at what is in store for you should you decide to take this particular brand of high quality, home delivered diet on board.

Quality Diet Meals

The first thing you will notice about the meals that you get from Bistro MD is that they are of very high quality. That is because they are prepared by the company's own in-house gourmet chefs to exacting standards. They are nutritionally balanced and low in calories making them the perfect choice for those who prefer a better quality meal than they can get from other diet food delivery companies.

Portion sizes are a little smaller than what you may be used to, but this is one aspect of dieting that you are going to have to get used to if you are serious about losing weight. That is because you need to get used to eating less if you want to succeed in reducing your waistline and dropping several pounds in weight.

Bistro MD Diet Plans

The diet plans are relatively simple in that they are centered around a breakfast, lunch and dinner set up, with additional snacks available if you want them. Plans are either five days or seven days. The five day plan is for those people who want to eat a diet during the week but have weekends off to eat their regular food or to go out to restaurants if they wish.

The seven day plan keeps you eating diet food for as long as you choose. You only need to order a week at a time and you can cancel any time you want without penalty. Each plan comes either with or without snacks as you choose.

The plans can be further tailored to your specific needs or preferences as you choose. So if you are vegetarian, you can inform the company and only get vegetarian meals in the delivery. The same goes for diabetics or anyone with certain medical conditions or religious constraints that limits what they can and cannot eat.


Bistro MD is a forward thinking company and they rotate their meals week by week do that you don't end up eating the same meals over and over. This keeps the interest up and makes for a more pleasant and interesting dieting pattern that you won't get bored with.

You choose how long you want to keep dieting for, which gives the customer greater flexibility and of course if you want to stop, you simply do not order any more meals. It is a great way to lose weight especially if you like good food and in this respect, the company excels.