Dukan Diet Review

There is a growing diet phenomenon that has come originally from France and is set to be the next really big diet program to sweep across the world. But for now, for those living in the UK and other parts of Europe where it is currently available, the Dukan Diet is something of a revelation to those who need to lose weight.

The thing that has astonished many dieters in the UK is the fact that in a very short space of time, the Dukan Diet, created by Dr Pierre Dukan MD came out of practically nowhere to become the biggest diet program in France with over five million customers. It hasn't taken long to sweep into the UK and is currently helping thousands of people to lose weight, but more importantly, to keep the weight off once they have lost it.

The Secret of the Dukan Diet's Success

This is the secret of the Dukan Diet. It goes the extra mile that many other diets don't in its continuance even after the dieter has successfully lost all the weight they intended to lose. The diet carries on unabated, albeit in a far more relaxed mode than it started.

To make this diet work, the author created a program where people could eat plenty of food and therefore not feel hungry, but that food had to come from a set list of allowed foods. But don't think this is going to be one of those really restrictive diets, because its not!

In fact you are allowed to eat a pretty wide variety of foods but they are restricted according to the "phase" of the diet that you are in. Similar to diets like the South Beach Diet or Zone Diets, the Dukan Diet is set out in phases, there being four of the altogether.

Four Phases

The initial phase is the tough one, in keeping with the way the South Beach Diet works in that it is intended to get you losing weight fast over a relatively short space of time by restricting what you can eat to something like seventy or so foods that are high in protein. This is to get the body's metabolism revved up and burning calories fast. It does a pretty good job of it and thanks to the list of allowed foods being pretty diverse, there is not much chance you are going to get bored with it and quit.

Quitting is one of the biggest reasons for weight loss diet failure, so this particular diet goes a long way to make sure that it is interesting and fulfilling enough to get people to stay with it.

So the four phases gradually get more relaxed in the number of different foods that you can eat, while still keeping you in a leash and letting it out gradually. Through the second and third phases, you get to eat more things and enjoy your food more, but you are still kept away from the high calorie, high carb foods that we all know are just extra inches waiting to creep back onto your waistline!

The last phase is really just an on-going diet that keeps you at the weight you achieved through the previous three phases and is backed up by their own support system as well as peer support in their private forum online. If you are interested in this diet, check out the official site and fingers crossed it will be as successful now that it has crossed the Atlantic and come to the United States.