Medifast Reviews

We have already provided a helpful guide to the Medifast diet solution in a previous article published on this website, but we felt there is more that can be added to it that can help you to come to an informed decision as to whether it is the right weight loss diet solution for you or not. So we created this review article to look at the plus and minus points of the diet plan.

Hopefully it will give you a great resource that can help you decide if signing up with Medifast is the right thing to do or not.

Benefits of Medifast

The plus points of this diet program are pretty obvious and probably form the main reason for you getting interested in signing up with them in the first instance. These can be summarized as:

  • Highly convenient and easy
  • Time saving
  • Recommended by 20,000 doctors
  • Great variety of meals
  • Cost effective

Let's look at these points in more detail.

First of all, the convenience angle is what attracts so many people to Medifast after they see in TV commercials or magazine, newspaper and Internet website ads just how easy it is to get on with. Let's face it, how great is it to not have to cook or prepare any meals? How amazing is it not to even have to go to the store to buy food? How cool is it not to need to count calories or stress over diet charts?

Pretty amazing, that's what! Instead of all that hassle, you just grab a meal, slip it in the microwave, eat it and watch the weight drop off you. That's all it takes!

Add to that the time saving factor and you have a diet that makes just so much sense for a person who works long hours or a busy mom. When your free time is precious to you, the last thing you want is to have to use a big chunk of it working on a diet! Medifast saves you all that time so you can enjoy doing the things that YOU want to do.

Doctors love Medifast and you can see how much they love it by the sheer numbers of them that recommend it to their patients. Over 20,000 doctors have given their seal of approval to this amazingly effective diet program. Now that's one massive vote of confidence!

What is one thing you hate about most diets? It's usually the lack of choice in the food you can eat or the fact that the food is boring and repetitious, right? Well Medifast does away with this aspect of dieting by providing you with a huge choice of meals that you can customize in your personal diet plan. Variety is the spice of life and it's the spice of this diet too.

The bottom line in any weight loss diet is how much it will cost you at the end of the day. Medifast is very cost effective and the plans can work out to as little as around $11 a day (at 2012 prices). Consider what you normally spend on regular food for yourself each month, then work it out on a day to day basis. You might be shocked to learn you spend more than just $11 a day, so in actual fact Medifast can even be cheaper for many people that the cost of the food that got them overweight in the first place!

Downsides to Medifast

Okay, there are plenty of plus points to this diet, but nothing is perfect in this world, right? Well Medifast has some flaws too. It's only fair to point them out here as this review would not be credible if it were not able to show both sides of the coin.

The first thing that can detract from its appeal is the meals themselves. Because the menus are made up of a combination of ready meals and processed ingredients, some of which have to be reheated in a microwave, they are not going to be of the same high quality as a good, home cooked meal. If you are used to eating home cooked meals and don't like processed foods, then you will not enjoy the Medifast menus.

Everything to do with a meal's taste and texture quality is subjective and what one person loves another will hate! Medifast meals are loved by the majority of customers, but there are a minority who do not like them. This is purely down to personal tastes and preferences, so you should be aware of this before you sign up.

Another potential problem that some dieters face with Medifast meals is an increase in flatulence. This is most often caused by eating more fiber in the diet, which is very healthy. Unfortunately, too many people eat a fiber deficient diet and so when they encounter the high fiber meals in this diet, their bodies react at first by producing more gas. This is natural but can be a little uncomfortable at first if you're not used to it!

Automatic Delivery

The diet plan ordering system can get a little confusing for some folks who expect to be able to just order one month supply of food and if they don't order any more they won't get any more. This is not the case. When you place your first order, you are also placed on an auto-delivery system that you must remember to cancel if you don't want any further deliveries. You have to do this by phone, so just a heads up to make sure you are aware of this.

Lastly, while the program is very cost effective for most people, it will seem expensive to others who are on a tight budget. Even breaking it down to a mere $11 a day might sound a little high to someone who is very frugal in their grocery budget. The best rule here is to make sure you know how much you usually spend on food so you can make a real comparison with Medifast's prices and not go over your own budget.


We hope that this unbiased review of Medifast and its weight loss diet program has helped you to weigh up its plusses and minuses to satisfy yourself that you are making the right decision to sign up with Medifast. You can get some more information on the makeup of the diet menus externally on this site's page:, or if you prefer to stay here, in our additional article entitled: The Medifast Diet Solution.