The South Beach Diet

Of all the modern diet plans that are available online today, one of the most popular has to be the South beach Diet. Its popularity is partly due to a good advertising campaign, but more so thanks to its easy to understand strategy and relatively high success rate when compared to other related types of diet plan.

So let's take a good hard look at this popular weight loss diet plan and see why it is as successful as it is and what attracts people to it.

The plan owes its good success rate to the fact that it can be followed almost to the letter without the dieter feeling tempted to cheat by snacking on banned foods in between meals, at least in a large number of cases. What also keeps people on the diet is the fact that it is run as a social community of like minded people all with the same ultimate goal of losing weight.

Dieters Helping Dieters

Their website welcomes you with a free diet profiler. You enter your details and get a profile back via email and the opportunity to sign up with the plan. When you become a member, you get access to the community forum where you can contact other members directly and see how everyone else is getting on with their own diets.

You can ask questions and get answers from people who are going through the same as you, so everything is first hand from people who are experiencing it for themselves. Its that community spirit that helps to bond the members together and help each other to their own individual success stories.

The diet plan itself is fairly simple to follow and is set out in three stages, or phases. The first is the strictest, with the second getting easier and the third being more of a lifestyle plan than an actual diet as such. Here's a basic breakdown of the three phases of the South Beach Diet review:

South Beach Phase 1

This lasts two weeks and is the most diet intensive part of the plan. The idea is to get your weight started on a downward slope by getting you to eat only those foods that will help your body to metabolize food more efficiently and burn as much of the stored fat as possible while maintaining good nutrition.

Meal sizes are naturally smaller than what you are probably used to and will contain a pretty good variety of foods that you can eat. There are three meals a day with dessert after the main meal and two additional snacks that are allowed during the day as and when you need them.

The meals include such foods as lean meats which include chicken and beef, as well as fish, shrimp, eggs, cheese and even nuts. These will be combined with a wide variety of vegetables and salads, the latter being able to be dressed with an olive oil dressing.

There are quite a lot of things you cannot eat in these initial two weeks that include bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, baked foods and rather surprisingly, fruit. Naturally, you can't eat any biscuits or cookies, cakes, pastries, candy, chocolate, ice cream or anything with added sugars, although diet soda is allowed (but drinking it is a bad idea because of the artificial sweeteners which are not good for you).

South Beach Phase 2

After the first two weeks are over, the diet relaxes and you can start to reintroduce some of the foods disallowed in the first phase of the diet. Phase 2 of the South beach Diet will allow you to include some nice tasty meals with grilled fish, grilled steak and fresh, Miami-style salads.

Roast chicken is back on the menu as are certain fresh fruits and a variety of other food choices that you can find out more about by visiting their website and seeing for yourself.

The meal sizes are still relatively small so don't expect to be able to start eating like a pig again just because some of the constraints are lifted. This is a diet after all and its prime reason for being is to help you to lose weight. You will only do that by eating smaller meals than you did when you were overweight.

South Beach Phase 3

The idea behind this final phase is to help you keep off the weight that you have already lost through the South Beach Diet plan. Most of the restrictions are removed here and you can eat most things within reason while still avoiding the foods that you know are prone to causing weight gain.

Meals will still be smaller than you used to eat by necessity, as you want to ensure you don't fall back into your old ways when you were overweight.

All in all, this diet is good for people who have the determination to sick to their ideals and see it through. If you need some further information, there is a similarly comprehensive article backed up with a collection of South Beach Diet reviews from real people who have tried it or who are considering trying it.

With the help of the plan's community to help each other and give moral support, the South Beach Diet could be just what you were looking for all this time but didn't know about.