Juicing to Lose Weight

A lot of importance is placed upon eating a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet that is predominantly made up of fresh ingredients to eat and plain water to drink. This is an excellent way to get your health back into balance and to make improvements in your overall well being with an improved metabolism for better weight maintenance. The only problem with eating and drinking in this way is that it can get a little samey inasmuch as its gets harder and harder to find exciting ways to make those meals with what is essentially the same small selection of fresh vegetables.

Of course, you can get very creative and there are many ways to serve up carrots, broccoli, zucchini, beans, peas etc and if you have a flair for creativity in the kitchen then you never need to eat the same dish more than once in a month if you don't want to. But not everyone has that ability and many end up cooking the same meat and vegetable meals over and over, which can get boring. There is one great way to break out of that cycle and still get your daily allowance of five or more portions of fresh vegetables and fruits. That way is juicing!

Juicing Your Way to Health

Grab your juicer, or if you don't have one, then buy one, then get busy with all the fruits and veggies that you plan on eating for that day and juice them! There are many great juice recipes for weight loss that you can include in your daily diet.

Often you can produce enough juice for a few glasses of tasty, nutritious and exciting juice to drink through the day in addition to the plain water that you are also drinking. This does provide some contrast to what you have probably become used to, but remember that you probably don't want to do this every day or at least not use ALL your daily allowance of fresh veggies and fruit to make the juice.

That's because you can place yourself back into the same rut of having the same old juice to drink each day and less on your plate when you sit down to eat. No one wants to have a plate with a few slices of chicken breast and nothing else placed in front of them as their main meal! You still need to have some vegetables with it.

Juicing Intelligently

The clever way to use your juicer is to make up some juice from say two or three of your daily allowance of fruit and/or vegetables and always make sure the remainder of the vegetables goes onto your plate for your main meal of the day. Remember also that when you are on the right diet for your personal, individual needs, you are not necessarily limited to five portions!

You can eat two or three portions of fruit and a further three or more portions of vegetables if you want as long as they keep you below your calorie intake for the day.

One of the best ways to do that is to include some super low calorie veggies in your daily allowance. The best of the bunch are cabbage, kale, celery, lettuce, radish and any fresh, leafy herbs such as basil, nasturtium or chives. Then you can juice things like carrots or turnips and some fruits like pear, apple, apricot etc.

A Note on Fruits and Calories

While it is essential to include fresh fruits in your daily diet, there are many diet sheets that advise moderation as some fruits do come with a relatively high calorie count which is usually viewed as a hindrance to losing weight. Bananas and cherimoyas are quite high in calories and are often omitted from many diets because of this.

One thing you need to be aware of and that's fruits contain a whole load more than just calories. They provide essential vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber. Without these things, you could be eating a diet that is not completely balanced and that can unbalance your weight loss attempt.

Sometimes it's better to go over your daily calorie count if a piece of fruit is the culprit if it meals rebalancing your nutrition levels. If you only eat one whole fruit a day, let that be an apple. Apples are packed full of goodness and many recent studies have given a lot more weight to the saying that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

As for the rest of them, by all means juice away but I want to leave you with one last parting shot. When you juice anything, the juicer leaves behind a pulp that often gets discarded. That pulp contains the essential dietary fiber that your body needs for proper functioning especially with regards to the function of the colon. Keep your colon healthy and don't discard the pulp. Eat it or include it in a soup or stew. Get creative. Your body will thank you!