Using Images to Motivate You

For most people, the old saying: "seeing is believing" holds very true. However, while reading straight text about a subject can fire up the imagination, looking directly at a really descriptive picture can sum up a page worth of words in one glance.

When you need some inspiration to keep going with your diet for instance, looking at the right kind of image can motivate you in ways that reading pages of well written text may not.

motivational imagesThere is no getting away from the fact that images are a very powerful medium for getting a message across to an audience. Advertisers know this only too well. So this article takes a look at how images can be used to motivate you to succeed at your diet and why they are such a powerful aid in that particular battle.


One of the biggest social image-sharing sites today is Pinterest. It's a place you can go to look at user uploaded images of just about anything you care to name, as long as it's decent and you wouldn't mind viewing with your grandmother.

Here is a place where you can look at amazing images of healthy food if dieting is your main focus and see graphically how great really healthful meals can look. There are also lots of info-graphics that use visual motivation to get across short bullet style points that can be highly motivational without seeming to be boring, as can happen when reading long articles, like this one for example!


As an example, if you were on a Nutrisystem diet and you wanted to look at some motivational info graphics, then here is an excellent "board" that you can look at here: which is full of motivation. In this example, there is a mixture of images ranging from cleverly orchestrated info graphics to interesting healthy meals as well as some of Nutrisystem's own offerings.

The idea is to get yourself worked up into a high level of enthusiasm for your diet so that you really want to succeed with it. It's the enthusiasm that you need to keep yourself going because without it, things lose their sparkle and giving up becomes all too easy.

Why Images Work

Our major sense is sight, so its no wonder that when this sense is stimulated to send information to the brain, the best way to do that is with pictures. We see most everything around us as a vista of natural pictures. So by using carefully engineered artificial images (the pictures we or someone else puts down on paper (or a computer monitor or TV), we can manipulate our senses to create enthusiasm for something we might not have had to begin with.

Advertisers use this very successfully in marketing brands that they want us to buy. We buy things not because we like the look of them or because they are practical and have great specs. We buy things because we desire them.

The job of the advertiser is to create that desire in us. All the rest is filler.

So when we want to use the same techniques to inspire us to go for a goal and succeed at it, like dieting to lose weight, using images that create that feeling of desire that we want to succeed is what works. Looking at an amazing image of a thin person who was once a fat person (the "before and after" shot) is incredibly motivating because it creates the desire to be like the person in the image as they ended up.

When we can see something that tells our brain that it works and we want to be like that, then the desire is created and we are motivated to copy what we see in the image. That's why images are such powerful tools for getting the things done that we want.