One of the most successful and popular of all diet meal replacement home delivery programs in the last forty years or so is Nutrisystem. Starting life in the 1970s as a store based provider of diet plans, they moved to mail order and then to Internet based online diets for people who had little time for the more conventional kind of dieting systems.

They now provide customers with a package of ready to go meals that in most cases just need reheating in a microwave oven to free them from the time consuming and hassle that go into regular diets.

What Nutrisystem Provides

NutrisystemTo get the most information from a variety of sources, it is always a good idea to read a selection of reviews of Nutrisystem and websites that specialize in this company's product, such as this one in particular: This way you can get a fuller understanding of what is on offer and what you can realistically come to expect when you sign up for one of their weight loss programs.

The concise explanation is that you get to choose from a selection of specially tailored plans that are grouped for either men or women and then sub grouped into diet plans for vegetarians, diabetics, those over 65 and then everyone else. These plans can be further customized by the customer to suit their individual tastes, so if there are items on the plan's menu they particularly do not like, it is a simple matter of contacting their customer support and making the amendments to their order.

What you get when the package arrives on your doorstep is a full 28 days worth of meals. You get three meals per day, which are breakfast, lunch and evening meal with a dessert plus two additional small snack bars that are useful for eating between meals in case you get hungry and tempted to reach for any unhealthy snacks you may have lying around the house. The meals are calorie and portion controlled, while being nutritionally balanced and healthy so far as any diet that is made up of mainly processed foods can be.

Nutrisystem Food

The food quality is passable but do not go expecting gourmet meals from this company. Around thirty percent of the order is made up of fresh frozen meals which are of higher quality than the rest, but you will have to get used to eating mostly processed meals that are okay as long as you don't have fussy tastes.

The choices are extremely wide and varied with something like over 180 main meals to choose from. This is great if you have tried diets before and found them boring with little variation.

With this program you can literally eat a different meal every day, so you'll never get bored. It's a fact that getting bored with a diet is one of the primary reasons people quit early before seeing any real benefit, so choosing the right diet with lots of variation in the food is important. With this plan, you are far more likely to see it all the way through and enjoy all the benefits of losing weight easily because you stuck to the diet!

Cost of Nutrisystem Diets

The cost is the real attraction of this convenient diet meal delivery plan. It comes in much cheaper than rival companies such as Jenny Craig, Bistro MD, Diet-to-Go, Medifast and eDiets so is very affordable for most people. The best part is that because the food they provide completely replaces your regular food, you literally do not need to go to the store and buy any food for yourself.

So what you should do is calculate what you would ordinarily spend on food for the entire 28 days and take that away from what your Nutrisystem plan is costing you. Most people find the price to be about the same, meaning they are actually getting the diet for free (the same price as their regular food). Some people find they spend more on food than the Nutrisystem diet costs, so they even make a saving while losing weight!

Latest Nutrisystem Info

As the year draws to a close and another is about to spring into life, the company has made a big announcement about rebranding the Turbo 13 promotion to the all-new:

Nutrisystem FreshStartâ„¢

You can hear more about it in this video:

If this is a diet plan that appeals to you, the company is easy to contact via their official website at or by telephone toll free on 1-800-435-4074. Check their website to confirm that number is up to date.

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